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Quick Overview of us here at UTP Mould & Die

UTP Mould & Die, located in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa, is a modern, forward thinking tooling manufacturing and precision engineering company and the largest supplier of moulds and dies to the tool, die and mould making industries in South Africa.

UTP Mould & Die imports its own high quality steel from Sweden SSAB to ensure that Toolox 33 & 44 steel are always available. The large sheets of steel are cut into strips and precision plates. The company boasts state of the art specialized machines, lifting equipment, plate storage shelving and KANBAN systems to ensure optimum production efficiency and productivity. This also allows UTP Mould & Die to shorten turnaround times and deliver on time – every time!

UTP Mould and DIe imported steel from Sweden

The technical office is responsible for modeling and CNC programming and the scheduling and planning of component and tool production by the CNC manufacturing section.

The tool presetting area presets the non-standard tools for the CNC machines to ensure accuracy of the drilling and machining of bores, pockets, cut outs etc.

Advanced CNC machines are used to manufacture highly specialized tools and components.

These machines are set up with tool carousels to ensure efficient and accurate manufacturing and on time delivery.

UTP Mould & Die boasts two large storage areas.

One serves as storage space for  components and accessory parts for the tooling and associated industries. The other stores blank and complete plates.

This large stock assists UTP Mould & Die’s business partners to shorten their time to market on moulds. It also enables the company to deliver timeously and on its promise – order today, get it tomorrow!

A multi-disciplinary team, representing the different production areas, assists the client with a needs analysis, product definition and product specifications.

The client is also provided with a quotation and a project timeline.

UTP Mould & Die is an important player in the Department of Trade and Industry and the Toolmaking Association of South Africa’s Intsimbi National Tooling Initiative.

The initiative was launched to rejuvenate the local tooling industry and enhance its global competitiveness.

UTP Mould & Die is the major provider of on-the-job training for students enrolled in the TDM Powered Skills Development Programme.

A highly functional organisational structure and the company’s commitment to the highest quality standards throughout all phases of the manufacturing process enable the company to offer customers top quality products and services at a competitive and affordable price. Time to market and delivery due dates are met at all times.

UTP Mould & Die is a recognised leader in the local tooling and associated industries. This is indicative of the company’s smarter business approach – interlocking world-class tooling best-practice, advanced technology and proven management expertise to customise innovative, value-driven solutions for all clients!

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